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  • Standard Training Module on Fundamentals of Cooperative.  

    Learn more about the history of cooperatives, and the values and principles that its members practices.  Have a deeper appreciation of this type of organization and see your place & role as a cooperator.

    This course has two (2) tracks:

    1.  Self paced - Finish the entire course by yourself.  You are required to read all materials, watch all videos, and answer all essays to secure the certificate.

    2.  Interactive Class (Blended Learning) -  You will have access to the same materials, but you will belong to a class, 2 scheduled online webinars, complete 2 quizzes only, and learning is guided by an instructor.  You may create study groups with fellow batchmates and network with them through online.  

  • This course is designed to develop the basic competencies of a member of the Election Committee in developing the election rules and guidelines.  By enrolling on this course, you'll gain knowledge and understanding of what it entails to develop cooperative policies, and how would it benefit its members.

  • This module targets, Board of Directors and General Manager. This provides an understanding of what kind of management skills and what considerations should be taken into account in leading for cooperatives.

  • This Module targets Board of Directors and Treasurers.  The focus of this course is an understanding on how to manage the financial resources of the members or the cooperators.

  • Target Group: Board of Directors, Election Committee, Ethics Committee, Mediation & Conciliation Committee, General Manager

    Learn the intricacies of leading cooperative members, and the community where it serve.  This course will provide you insights on the values practiced and handed down to us by founders of credit unions and cooperatives.

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HR & OD Advisor
Whole Brain Thinking and Management (Module 2 of Co-op LAMP)
by Mary_Rose Gob - Friday, 24 July 2020, 10:07 PM

Hello Cooperators! How are you?

We hope that you are doing well and in good health.

Last week, we run the 1st module in Co-op Leadership And Management Program (Co-op LAMP).  The first module focused on the Cooperative Idea and Leadership Skills.  This time, we would like to invite you to attend Module 2 of Co-op LAMP, 

which topic is on WHOLE BRAIN THINKING AND MANAGEMENT.  It would be on July 29 and 30, 2020, 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon, via Google Meet.

This webinar teaches how to develop your Whole Brain Thinking skills, and develop a management skill that touches on the four (4) Quadrant type of personality.  Also, by attending this webinar, you'll understand your strengths and areas for improvement.

The Co-op LAMP is developed by KRC, in partnership with Bayan Academy.  Our speaker for this module is Dr. Cecilia M. Manikan, the writer of "Becoming A Great Teacher", and one of the management guru from Ateneo.

Prof. Cecilia B. Manikan Prof. Manikan handles courses on Education Management, Entrepreneurship, Finance for Artists, Creative and Intuitive Management, Strategic Human Resource & Organizational Development, Human Behavior in Organizations, Self-Mastery, the Arts, and Spirituality. She received full qualification and accreditation as administrator of the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) Step I & II from the Asianic Psychologists Press in 2003. Prof. Manikan is currently a professor at the Ateneo de Manila University-Asian Center for Entrepreneurship and also a Senior Faculty for the Executive Doctoral Program at the Development Academy of the Philippines.
HR & OD Advisor
ECQ Discount on all Available Courses
by Mary_Rose Gob - Tuesday, 12 May 2020, 05:49 PM

During this trying time when almost all towns and municipalities are under GCQ and ECQ, spending our "Staying at Home" time productively is one of the goals that we want to accomplish. We recommend that we develop our Knowledge, Skills, and Aptitude in Cooperative Management. Thus, to contribute to the assistance for our members, we offer our E-Learning "Compliance" Courses for a discounted rate of 20%. Avail now!


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